Before we even talk about going local, or try and understand why you should use “local SEO” at all, consider why SEO in the first place. Let me guess – you have a website, or a webpage, which you want people to visit, on which you may be promoting products, services, some news or information. What good is that page if you don’t have visitors landing on it and going […]

All You Ever Needed to Know About Local SEO

When was the last time that you actually measured and analysed all the data you possessed? I am talking about any data, which may not necessarily be connected to a business or your customers. It can be your tax returns, your monthly bills, the number of steps you walk or jog each day, or anything else for that matter. The truth is, we have access to a huge bank of […]

The “What”s, “Why”s and “How”s of Digital Analytics

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Matt released another video to help all webmasters and I find the link in his tweets. The video makes me clear about the duplicate content issue. Usually at the time of audit we check internal and external duplication to make my website content unique. But today I learned in depth watching this video, where he has stated “How does Google handle duplicate content?” According to matt cuts, 25 or 30 […]

An Interesting clip of Matt on how Google handles duplicate ...

Again I say content is king. As an SEO person, I also do not allow my Guest-Blogger friends to publish any low quality content. There are many who try to write content, oops! Spin content and try to publish in different websites to generate backlinks. This is really not a good step to SEO as Google pays regular attention to this kind of activities. “Content is king” and Bill Gates […]

Important Message to all guest bloggers “Google will penalize guest ...

We all know mobile app marketing is one the key techniques in most of digital marketing activities. And less people go for this option due to high budget. But with numerous challenging apps accessible within Google Play and iTunes, app store optimization (ASO) is now very crucial for driving traffic to the particular app; specifically for those which aren’t developed by any recognized brands. Nowadays, demand for an app is […]

App Store Optimization is the new game in Digital marketing