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I am Sumit Dewanjee an Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant in kolkata, India. Trying to explore my finite Marketing knowledge with infinite scroll.

Mobile App Optimization

Still looking for the best app that suits My smart phone. Done Mobile App Analytics certification


Trying to get out from traditional online marketing zone. SEO is not only the organic marketing technique. I installed Google Alarm in my Chrome... :)

On the lap

Do you really keep your laptop on your lap? If not, you wont feel her excitement.

Keep Moving

Always try to learn something new. It may not be related to the job, but I belief, it will certainly help you to find a new path when you are in trouble.

Technical OR Functional

I am not at all confused. Because I always prefer tech-support when I see any CODE. Though I know how it runs

Self Optimization

Well, after 8 years of work experience I understand one simple thing that you need to be well optimized to keep your office and family happy. Its not so simple as it looks

Want to say Hey?

I am always open to share my ideas and knowledge. You have a good option to subscribe my blog OR get in touch with me to have private session ;)

My Contribution

facebook privacy settings
BySumit Dewanjee Dec 11, 2017

Block the account tracking companies to maintain your privacy on Facebook

Facebook is a social communication site nowadays over millions of people are connected with it. The basic concepts of Facebook are very clear

BySumit Dewanjee Jan 25, 2016

6 Essential Steps To Develop A Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

Have you ever thought of telling advertising agencies that you’ll pay them on the basis of their performances, that is, when you get your expec

BySumit Dewanjee Dec 10, 2015

Website Hit tracker: Great tool for success or poor accessory to failure?

At the age of post information-technology revolution internet has been established as the most dominant mode if mass communication, modern day me

BySumit Dewanjee Aug 3, 2014

All You Ever Needed to Know About Local SEO

Before we even talk about going local, or try and understand why you should use “local SEO” at all, consider why SEO in the first place. L

Digital Analytics
BySumit Dewanjee Jun 22, 2014

The “What”s, “Why”s and “How”s of Digital Analytics

When was the last time that you actually measured and analysed all the data you possessed? I am talking about any data, which may not necessarily

BySumit Dewanjee Dec 19, 2013

An Interesting clip of Matt on how Google handles duplicate content

Matt released another video to help all webmasters and I find the link in his tweets. The video makes me clear about the duplicate content issue.

BySumit Dewanjee Dec 16, 2013

Important Message to all guest bloggers “Google will penalize guest blogging sites”

Again I say content is king. As an SEO person, I also do not allow my Guest-Blogger friends to publish any low quality content. There are many wh

BySumit Dewanjee Dec 2, 2013

App Store Optimization is the new game in Digital marketing

We all know mobile app marketing is one the key techniques in most of digital marketing activities. And less people go for this option due to hig

BySumit Dewanjee Oct 3, 2012

Emoticons vs. emotions

The widely used emoticons have their vivid place in our virtual communication and are not going to give their place to anything else. When we swi

BySumit Dewanjee May 18, 2012

Digital marketing is a good practice to improve ROI

Digital Marketing is defined by as “Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services using database-driven online distribut

BySumit Dewanjee May 5, 2012

Google’s Focus on Quality Standard through Penguin Update

All of us who knew about GooglePanda algorithm can make sense out of Google Penguin Update. Penguin is a modified version of the Panda. Although

BySumit Dewanjee Sep 27, 2011

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”: Webmaster level: Intermediate to Advanced Much like

BySumit Dewanjee Aug 15, 2011

SEO technique by experts that may create or smash online community

The experts Jonathan Allen and Rich Tehrani have joined forces in a recent SEO and Online Communities webinar in order to give the audiences the

BySumit Dewanjee Apr 25, 2011

Do you think your sites are getting degraded in Google? Have knowledge of Panda or Farmer update

Certainly article submission is one of the effective off-page SEO tactics. But now you have to be a bit restricted while applying such tricks. Pr

BySumit Dewanjee Feb 2, 2011

Illegal seo techniques to avoid

Now all search engine robots become very smart than you and me. So before applying any SEO tactics avoid some regular strategies and that will

BySumit Dewanjee Jan 18, 2011

Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert visitors into leads and sales

CRO or conversion rate optimization is the process to deliver a high ROI that means turning leads into sales. C